Dempsey to Seattle £5.89 million

Amid rumours of Clint Dempsey moving back to the USA to Seattle Sounders, NBC Sports' ProSoccerTalk website have said that according to multiple Major League Soccer sources, Tottenham would receive a $9 million (£5.89m) transfer fee for Dempsey, the highest in MLS history.

Seattle would guarantee Dempsey $32 million (£20.93m) over the next four seasons. It would be the largest base salary ever given to an MLS player they claim.

NBC of course are the new home of the Premier League in America having won the rights to screen the games by trebling the previous package.

On one hand Dempsey could continue his career in the Premier League, both Everton and WBA are known to want him for instance. In the other hand he is the best player in the USA and in terms of raising the profile of the game whilst he is still at his peak, the move makes perfect sense.

However NBC would want him playing in the Premier League to help boost their viewing figures.

Football is the third largest sport in the USA if you base it on how many people play the game. Amateur football is far bigger than people realise so there is still a huge untapped market out there.

Clint Dempsey may be the man to help the MLS take another small step forward. What will he choose to do, where will he choose to go?

If it's Seattle we'll know in 5 days as any move would have to be completed by 8 August.

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