Bale to Madrid to happen soon

Bale to Madrid to happen soon.

Gareth Bale to Madrid to happen soon
Gareth Bale to Madrid to happen soon
Very interesting what Guillem Balague had to say on TalkSport that Real Madrid asked Gareth Bale to play for Wales and not for Spurs to show he was not injured and wanted to leave but he refused. There are a few people still left who are clinging to the belief that he is injured, but quite frankly they are not being honest with themselves in my opinion.

Bale did zero promotion for Spurs whilst in the Far East, not one single photo opportunity, as I've said before that speaks volumes. Football is about generating an income off the field to be able to buy and compete on the field. He sat in a changing room out the way and did nothing to promote Spurs.

Madrid wanted him to do a press conference and say he wants to leave but he refused to do that also, he is going to the training ground every day which Balague says Spurs have agreed to, but he is not training with the team as we know. He has told Levy he wants to leave but is not doing anything to cause unrest, apart from not training or playing, solely so he doesn't get injured.

We might see him gone by the end of the week, there is always a chance a deal will not be reached but Balague is expecting one to be finalised for around £82.17 million (€96m) plus probably Coentrao.

He says Real Madrid have offered £73.61 million (€86m) plus players at the moment which won't be enough and Daniel Levy wants a deal totalling £102.72 million (€120m).

I have long held the view Bale told us he wants to go, his agent doesn't do things without his knowledge so engineering a move hasn't been a plan hatched by his agent and Real Madrid without his knowledge. They tried to get the price down it didn't work, now they simply have to accept it and pay up if they want him and Perez wants him.

Our failure to qualify for the Champions League has cost us. That was the minimum requirement last season and the bottom line is, we failed with it. Had we succeeded then I'm sure Bale would have been here for another year and enjoying another Champions League adventure with us.

Erik Lamela's camp are waiting for that deal to happen and then he'll be signing on the dotted line. The deal apprears to be dependent on Bale going reading what his agent says although plenty are trying to convince us otherwise.

"I'm not in London and what is being said is not the truth," Pablo Sabbag (players agent) told Italy's ANSA agency. "I'm in the [Italian] capital along with Erik's father.

"Lamela's relaxed about it all. We're just waiting for developments. Let's see what happens."

Paulinho, Capoue, Soldado, Chadli, Willian, Lamela, Coentrao all are signed or look likely to sign. I said on Facebook right at the start of this window to expect 5 or even 6 new faces in the starting line up next season. It's looking like I knew what I was talking about.

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