AVB praises Townsend

Andre Villas-Boas had praise for Andros Townsend after his man of the match performance against Dinamo Tiblisi in the Europa League tie. There will be an article posted at 9am on Townsend and his minute by minute performance last night, the 39th minute was hugely significant.

Speaking after the game about Townsend AVB said:

"Andros has been working well in training, so we felt it was time to give him an opportunity and he did very well. If we have the type of performance we had to today (from him) we can always count him.

"For all the young players we are bringing through the competition they face is extremely difficult and in my opinion, when you overcome that type of opposition you can only become a top player.

"He is doing it the right way. He seems very focused after last year's experience.

"We had some very good moments and the thing that was the difference was scoring from the chances we had. The killer instinct was there from the chances we had and that didn't happen in Dinamo's case.

"That is why, in the end the result is as expressive as it is.

"We want to ensure qualification and in the second leg anything can happen. We are expected to win at home after this result away from home but we won't play with fire. We will be strong and want to ensure we are in the group stages."

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