Valencia stand firm over Soldado - no negotiations today

The Valencia president Amadeo Salvo, has been speaking to the local media about the negotiations for the proposed transfer of Roberto Soldado to Tottenham, which have broken down over the fee.

Salvo is insisting on €30 million (£25.76m) in two payments with no add-ons, either €15 million (£12.89m) up front + €15 million later or €20 million (£17.18m) now + €10 million (£8.59m).

At the moment Spurs are not happy with that having offered €26 million (£22.33m) and add-ons, which they changed late in the day, no figures but apparently reduced the up front fee and increased the add-ons.

As with many transfers negotiations there is a lot of posturing and this smacks of hard ball negotiating. Salvo has also publicly stated he won't sell for under €30 million so he has backed himself into a corner with the fans.

Things are further complicated by the fact that Valencia have just signed striker Kevin Gameiro from PSG on a 5 year contract. Also to take into consideration is that Valencia are in need of €14 million (£12.03m) to balance their budget. the rest available to buy replacements so the extra  €4 million seems to be a big deal for them.

Some websites are reporting that negotiation will or have resumed today between the two clubs but that is not the case. Unless Spurs come up with the €30 million, the transfer will not happen, that is the firm message from local journalists. There are unconfirmed reports that Baldini has in fact left Valencia.

Salvo has been speaking to the local media today.

"Valencia never wanted to sell Soldado. Either the clause is paid or he stays.

"Soldado was never for sale. For us it is fundamental. If he leaves it is because of the contract and the players' wants.

"There is no negotiation. We never had any intention of selling Soldado.

"Soldado brought an offer and that means he wants to leave.

"We sat down with Baldini and listened to his offer, but we repeated the same message.

"Soldado is a very important player for us. There is no reason that this should damage his reputation.

"Until the 3rd of August we are willing to listen. After that we will hear no one.

"The negotiations for Soldado is a topic exclusively about non-compliance of the contract and the players' desires."

So basically he is saying Valencia are happy to sell at the right price, Soldado has made it clear he wants to leave, we have negotiated with Tottenham but we are not negotiating now.

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