SPURS say "Gareth Bale will not leave Tottenham"

AS the Spanish sporting paper who love a good Gareth Bale story have again been up to their tricks.

They go front page suggesting Bale is to be offered £150,000 a week as Spurs are worried about his future. Well the contract has been available for quite a while and has all been verbally agreed, never mind let them speculate.

What they actually mean is that they would like Spurs to be worried about his future.

They use the fact that he hasn't commented he's staying, well he doesn't really need to, everyone knows he is. He knows he is, the club knows he is, his agent knows he is, his sponsors know he is, and yes even the fans know he is.

The Spanish sports newspaper go on to claim Real Madrid's president, Florentino Perez, who we have heard so much about, will useReal Madrid's visit to England to play a friendly against Bournemouth, to yet again try to speak to officials at Tottenham.

Unsurprisingly they say he is not expecting a nice response! On really.

All efforts so far from Real Madrid they say have been a waste of time (well they don't actually use those words), Daniel Levy doesn't even want to talk about a potential move. Good old Daniel, a bit of British resolve dear boy.

Will the paper finally get the message now they have phoned Spurs and asked for their views. The clubs response:

"Let it be clear that Gareth Bale will not leave Tottenham this summer."

I's call that clear ans unambiguous, wouldn't you.

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