Soldado wage agreed £58,000 a week

Just a few more snippets from the story we broke last night over the Valencia board meeting to discuss the Spurs bid for Soldado, who looks to have chosen Spurs over Liverpool. The story for anyone who missed it:

Soldado - Valencia board to discuss Spurs offer tomorrow

Over the Spanish radio and the Spanish press today is the news we brought you last night, that formal negotiations were taking place and our offer would be discussed by Valencia at a board meeting today at noon. The board meeting had already been arranged so our offer was added to the agenda.

There have been reports of Liverpool making an offer and Spurs trumping it. At this time for Valencia and Soldado, Spurs is the probably destination.

Additional reports say our Technical Director Franco Baldini and Alberto Toldra, the players agent, (pictured meeting  right) agreed a wage of £3 million (€3.5m) a year which equates to £57,789 a week. There will of course be bonuses to take the figure higher depending upon the club and his performances.

Spanish paper AS report today that Soldado 'will almost certainly be a Tottenham player as of Tuesday' with a deal 'on the point of being finalised.'

Valencia president, Amadeo Salvo  said: "The two clubs have spoken and Valencia made it clear that they wanted 30 million euros. Tottenham's mission is to get the player as cheaply as possible, while ours is to receive 30 million [euros]. There's not much room for manoeuvre. For a deal to take place two things have to happen: the player has to want to go and they [Spurs] need to pay what Valencia demand. The board will study the situation."

The deal hinges on the add-ons apparently which Valencia want guaranteed so it meets their €30 million (£25.76m) figure. We have offered £22.33 million (€26m) plus add-ons to take it the £25.76 million (€30m) that Salvo wants.

The local press have a very good working relationship with the club and are informed of what goes on quickly, hence news on Soldado comes out fast, as it did last night.

Tottenham are currently in Honk Kong where Andre Villas-Boas has confirmed that Spurs are interest in Soldado, but took a slightly different view over negotiations than the Spanish press, playing it low key.

"At the moment, he's just one of the players we are interested in," said Villas-Boas at a press conference in Hong Kong.

"It's not a lie to anybody that we've been looking for a striker to strengthen our squad and to have more strength in depth.

"Roberto is one of the players we have been following and his career speaks for itself. He's a great striker.

"But there isn't a deal being struck at the moment, it's just interest and conversations."

Not quite what the Valencia president says, nor the local press. The fact that Baldini was out there shows this is no idle gossip and that a genuine attempt is being made to secure his services.

We await the result of their board meeting. It may mean further discussion and trying to reach an agreement over the add-ons though. Amadeo Salvo is in the same mold as Daniel Levy, he's a tough negotiator.

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