Soldado £20 million, a better buy than Benteke?

Reports are suggesting that Tottenham will make a renewed effort to sign Roberto Soldado after an initial bid of £17 million (€19.71m) was turned down by Valencia.

According to Spanish daily El Confidencial, Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas is keen on Soldado who scored 24 times in 35 La Liga games last season to further demonstrate his lethal finishing.

The figure usually mentioned by the press is £20 million (€23.19m) and yes yet again that is the figure being suggested we will, or have depending upon who you believe, increase our bid to. It is believed Valencia are holding out for £25 million (€28.95m) for the Spanish international though.

Valencia president Amadeo Salvo has made his stance and wants as much as he can. "The English team knows the situation. Valencia needs money. But we don't have to sell our best player" he says. Make your mind up, selling other players won't bring in the cash, sounds like PR for the fans and posturing.

It has been no secret that Spurs have been after two new strikers and with Christian Benteke being all the talk at the moment Soldado has rather been the forgotten man. Soldado however has a proven track record in top flight football over time, so would arguable a better choice than gambling on Benteke, if the club were to choose only one striker.

Six goals in 11 internationals, 59 goals in 101 Valencia games (24 in 35 last season) and 29 in 60 for Getafe. The former Real Madrid players strike rate is impressive.

The Sun report that Benteke is meeting Lambert in what they feel will be 'an explosive showdown,' sounds like something out of a Western.

Six goals for his country in 14 internationals and his only season in top flight football produced 19 goals in 34 games.

Aston Villa and Valencia want the same figure, £25 million (€28.95m), so in a straight fight which one would you choose?

The possible impending arrival of both arrival might possibly depend on offloading Emmanuel 'I'll play when I want a contract' Adebayor, but he seems reluctant to go to Turkey with wages being a stumbling block for Fenerbahce unsurprisingly.

It seems unlikely that given Spurs were trying to buy both Leandro Damiao and David Villa,they would suddenly change tack and only sign Benteke, who has now it seems worked his way up the potentials and possibles list to the top with others falling by the wayside.

Far more likely that two strikers are being worked upon with little news being leaked, personally I'm expecting Levy to go back in for Damiao on the final day of the transfer window if he hasn't already secured two strikers. Bale, Benteke, Soldado, not a bad front three, as 4-3-3 looks like being the new system for the coming season.

AVB wants his players in place ready for the season, Levy wants players at his price. With only a month to go before the first game against Palace, when we will get behind whoever is wearing the jersey, it looks as if Levy is doing what he can to make the Andre Villas-Boas wish come true.

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