Have Madrid paper Marca broken the law this time

The Madrid based paper Marca fresh from inventing a story about Gareth Bale agreeing a 6 year contract, when he probably doesn't even have permission to talk to Real Madrid, today move into slander territory.

They claim Gareth Bale had a meeting with Daniel Levy last Wednesday and they claim to quote Gareth Bale telling him "I'm not interested in Manchester United, I only want to play for Real Madrid."

It is of course their front page news.

They say that he demanded to be allowed his dream move to Real Madrid and that Levy had said he would listen to any reasonable offers, sounds like a Luka Modric story doesn't it. They go on to claim he has submitted a transfer request and that he has not been injured for the last two games.

Zinidine Zidane has told Real Madrid president Florentino Perez that "He's the number one. The player's class lets you aspire to winning the Champions League. Not only is he a strong and fast player. He's Also clever on the pitch".

Those words from Zidane to him have reignited his interest it seems and made him push further for a deal. It is about time Real Madrid were reported for their behaviour, which Daniel Levy wasn't best pleased with.

Quoting someone in print if they haven't said it, is slanderous. How is a Spanish paper supposed to know if a meeting took place and what was said in it, it's not as if Daniel Levy is going to tell them anything. So either this is complete fabrication and slander or Gareth Bale's agent has been speaking to both Real Madrid and them, in which case he should be in hot water with Spurs. That seems unlikely given the relationship between the two is said to be close.

Any meeting would be private as would the contents, nothing would be allowed to be released without the clubs permission and they most certainly wouldn't give that.

Well I doubt his mood has improved much now, in fact he is said to be seething.

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