David Ginola Interview

The David Ginola interview.

"He [Bale] knows the team really well, he can rely on the players and the players rely on him.

"He's got importance and I think he likes to be important in the club. If he signed for a club abroad like Real Madrid, or if he goes to Manchester United, he's going to have to work everything up again. It's a big challenge.

"In the future, because the money on the table is so big, for [Spurs chairman] Daniel Levy, it's going to be complicated; £60 million (€69.72m) or £70 million (€81.34m) on the table for one player, sometimes you don't think twice, you take the money.

"I think we French can travel around Europe playing in different countries in an easy way, but you don't see many British players abroad. You have to start all over again, different language, different traditions, different way of life, different everything.

"For Gareth, for example, going to play in Spain, it's a bit too early. At Spurs he gets all the ball and all the expectation is on him - if you sign for Real, with players like [Cristiano] Ronaldo, [Karim] Benzema, [Gonzalo] Higuain … it's a different world.

"Some players can cope, some can't. It's a question of how you feel mentally - are you prepared to face those issues in your career, and Gareth doesn't have any of those issues at Spurs."

"This is so important. If you want to be part of the best teams in the world or at least in Europe you need to secure a place in it every year.

"They've been unfortunate in the past two years, Chelsea winning the Champions League two years ago to take their place, and last year Arsenal were just above them. Hopefully this season they're going to different, but it will be a big challenge.

"What he's done at Everton shows everyone - first of all Alex Ferguson - that he's the right person for the job.

"[But Ferguson] is probably the most iconic manager in the world … [Moyes] has to show everyone he has the talent and ability, and the shoulders to cope with the pressure; being a manager at Manchester United is not the same as Everton. He's got everything, now he's got to show everyone that it was the right decision."

There are rumours ginola's former club, Paris Saint-Germain, are interested in making him their next director of football when the position becomes vacant next month.

"How do you know that?" he asks. "At the moment, it's just rumours … [but] there's no smoke without fire, so like the English say, 'Wait and see!'

"They just bought [Edinson] Cavani on a five-year deal for €60 million (£51.34m), Monaco bought [Radamel] Falcao for €60 million (£51.34m), too … in France it's a different world.

"We're now talking the same language [as England] in terms of money and now it's amazing the amount being paid."

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