AVB an egg and chips man

AVB visits Herne Bay in Kent for egg and chips and an ice cream. He was spotted with fellow Spurs staff in Café Reculver.

Reculver is a village and coastal resort about 3 miles (5 km) east of Herne Bay here in the South East. He was there with assistant coaches Jose Mario Rocha and Daniel Sousa.

Well the 35-year-old popped into the King Ethelbert pub at Reculver, but after a quick glance at the menu opted instead for some egg and chips at the nearby Café Reculver.

Man after my own heart.

The Arsenal manager, Elwyn Morris, didn't even recognise him! "It was a surprise. They sat down and a guy said to me 'do you know who that is?'

"I said 'no, I'm really busy' as I just thought they were three Spanish fellas. They were sitting there very quiet.

"Then I realised who he was so I asked if I could have a photo."

AVB suggested he bring over two waitresses to be included in the photo but they didn't want to.

Morris said: "The girls were so busy, but really I think they were shy.

"They were lovely people. Very friendly and they enjoyed the food. They said thanks very much before they went off.

"There was no pretentiousness with them. They were really pleasant and didn't mind anyone coming up to them. Really lovely guys.

"All the guys up the pub are big Tottenham fans so I gave them plenty of stick about him coming to my place, what with me being an Arsenal supporter. There was some banter going on."

When asked if he told AVB who he supports he said: "I thought it was best to keep that to myself."

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