I Fear for AVB

I do, I honestly fear for Andre Villas-Boas. It's not that I think he's a useless coach, because given his track record at Porto, he's shown that he can cut the mustard.

With regards to the Chelsea debacle, I think we'll be able to judge his tenure after Roberto Di Matteo has around 10 to 15 games under his belt. To be honest with you, any football manager would have failed at Chelsea, especially if the manager wanted to do things his way, and if reports are true, had instructions from Abramovich to make wholesale changes.

The only downer on his time at Chelsea was the way he dealt with some of the players. Having spoken to some Chelsea mates, they were adamant that they wanted AVB to succeed, but unfortunately for him, he went into the Chelsea dressing room like a bull in a China shop. Instead of easing out players like Lampard and Drogba, he went up against them, which proved to be his downfall.

At Spurs, Villas-Boas won't have to deal with the same impossible-to-deal-with players. His first job will be to try and convince Modric to stay - a task I can't see any manager winning.

But again, I don't fear for AVB because he has to deal with Modric - no - the reason I fear for our new manager is because our old manager has a lot of friends in the press and media who seem to be itching for AVB to slip up.

Even before the guy was announced as our manager, the Sunday Express published a useless article which said a lot of players would be queueing up to leave if he was appointed as the new Tottenham Hotspur manager. The article was absolute tosh as it's contents had nothing to do with players wanting to leave if AVB was appointed. But that's my worry. Some of the red-tops are going to have a field day if Spurs don't come flying out of the traps. They're probably preparing their headlines now.

If they all start on him, you can expect our fans to bandwagon along with them, which will derail our season. There's no point asking all the Spurs fans to get behind him no matter what, because we're simply not like that (unfortunately).

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