Are you starting to get excited?

To be honest with you, even though AVB wasn't my first choice (Laurent Blanc was), the optimism in me has started swelling up. Something's telling me that we'll be pushing on further with Andre Villas-Boas as head coach.

Look, I loved Harry Redknapp. I really did. He did a fantastic job for us when he came in so let's give the guy credit. However, I never felt as though there was a plan under Harry's stewardship. Did you?

At times, we played some lovely football under him, but I couldn't see which path the club were taking. This was possibly due to Harry telling us that we should be aiming for a Champions League spot. Then telling us we would win the Premier League. And finally, telling us that we've not had it this good (after we finished 4th).

With AVB, I think the plan is set and the pieces are moving into place. We've got a world class, brand-spanking new training ground. Our first team is pretty decent, although our squad does need to be looked at, and we've got a new stadium on the way.

Okay, but we had all that under Harry, so what's different? AVB is different. Say what you want about him. The guy is meticulous. Harry on the other hand didn't care much for detail. With Villas-Boas, I don't think we'll be signing players because they had a decent game against us or because they're his pals. He'll bring in players that'll compliment the tactics he's set out for us.

Under Harry, there were far too many times when it was obvious we hadn't done our homework on the opposition. Take the loss to Everton away last season. What was all that about? We could all see that the formation he had used was completely wrong, yet Harry persisted with it. With AVB, you can bet that he'll have the team fully prepared and ready to go.

For the first time in ages, I am looking forward to our pre-season friendlies!

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