Europa League Afterthought

By William Taylor
With Manchester City and Liverpool dominating the transfer window in the Premier League this season, it would appear unlikely that Spurs will be considered favourites among bookmakers to win the title.

However, it appears as though manager, Harry Redknapp has the title in his sights, with a return to the Champions League a must for the club.

First of all, though, it is imperative that the club keeps hold of it's star players – a move to Chelsea for Luka Modric could significantly reduce any chance of winning the title.

Furthermore, it is essential that the club bring in the sort of players that know what being in a title race is all about. It will be unpopular among many Spurs fans, but the truth is, Emmanuel Adebayor would be a fine addition to the current squad of players.

Despite having played for Arsenal in the past, the former Togo international reminded Tottenham supporters just what a talented player he is, with a devastating performance against them at the Bernabeu for Real Madrid in last season's Champions' League.

Redknapp has now come out and admitted that success in the Europa League could be harmful to his side's chances of winning the Premier League.

There could be some truth to that as well, for even though the Champions' League last season brought much needed income to the club, the fact is, the team struggled to replicate the sort of form that got them there in the first place.

For a club like Spurs, the Premier League is the real deal. It is your bread and butter, and realistically the main source of revenue. Should Tottenham go as far as the final of the Europa League this season, it will add an extra 17 games to an already hectic fixture list.

For Spurs to compete in the Premier League, younger players with ambitions of wearing the England Away kit one day, will have to step up to the plate and prove themselves on the European stage.

Redknapp pointed out that the likes of Jake Livermore and Andros Townsend would benefit from being involved in those sorts of games.

For now though, the club must focus on holding onto its key players, as without them, Redknapp will struggle to achieve his lofty goals.

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