Do We Miss Comolli?

I don't know about you, but I am fed up at our transfer activity, or lack of it, this season. We've needed a striker since January, yet it seems no proper moves to bring one in have happened. Is anyone asking why?

Apparently, we've got money to spend. Apparently, Levy and the board are committed in backing Harry. Apparently.

Let's say all this Diarra talk is real and we are close to signing him, can I ask why? Why are we trying to sign yet another midfielder, unless Modric is on his way? If Modric is on his way, I would welcome the Diarra signing, but even still, I'd like to ask why we aren't concentrating all our efforts on signing a striker, you know, the kind that will score us enough goals to make a difference.

What's up with our scouting system? Under Comolli, we signed players like Berbatov, but then again, we signed Darren Bent. I'm not saying that we should go back down the Director of Football route, but for heavens sake, why is there no cohesion? Is there a plan in place, or does Harry simply take calls from agents, but only after trying to sign every player that's ever played for him?

What input do Kevin Bond and Joe Jordan have in Tottenham Hotspur's transfer policy? Do Tim Sherwood and Sir Les have a say? If it's all down to Harry Redknapp, no wonder we're not getting anywhere. Football management has changed so much in recent years. A manager can't be expected to do it all. Look at Fergie for example. He's never on the training pitch, but he's able to delegate and gets the best out of his teams. Oh, and he conducted all his transfer activity quickly.

If Harry is happy with Crouch, Defoe and Pavlyuchenko, can he let us know what he's seen that we've all missed?

The simple fact is this; We need a striker please, Messrs Redknapp & Levy.

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