Redknapp still struggling to convince Modric to stay

Why is Harry Redknapp continuing this tug of war with Chelsea over the future of Luka Modric? Last week, he told us that he will attempt to convince the Croatian midfielder of the club’s ambition. But how is he going to do that unless we sign anyone? Talk is cheap my friend.

Central to Modric’s belief that his future is elsewhere, is his desire to win silverware and play Champions League football on a regular basis – something our Harry simply cannot guarantee at the moment, and given the lack of news on the transfer front, the former Portsmouth boss will have to rely on his persuasive manner that the club are as ambitious as the player. As I said, talk is cheap.

Speaking on Tottenham’s tour of South Africa, Redknapp admitted he understood why Modric is tempted to leave White Hart Lane this summer, but said he the club has its sights set on equally high targets.
“I can understand how Luka feels in all this. If anyone offers to treble your wages you’d be interested and Chelsea are a big club.” Redknapp said.

“Everyone wants Luka. Just ask Alex Ferguson what he thinks of him, ask Roberto Mancini at Manchester City - they all want him. He could play for Barcelona.”

“Luka wants the chance to win things and he is ambitious. All I’ll say is that we are too at Tottenham. It’s early days in the transfer market and no one is more ambitious than our chairman Daniel Levy.”

“Luka wants to know that we’ll be right up there challenging next season and we are working hard to bring in a couple of big signings that may convince him to stick with us. I hope so.”

“I have sympathy for Luka and his character has shone through in all this. He’s a fantastic bloke and a genius of a player. I’d just ask him to be patient.” He added.
Given John Terry’s recent lavishing of praise on Modric, there appears to be some equally generous words in Redknapp’s quotes aimed at buttering up the diminutive midfielder – all part of a charm offensive to persuade him to stay in North London, while he was also captain for the game against the Pirates.

Make no mistakes about it, Modric’s future hangs in the balance. The free bets market suggests he may stay, but if Chelsea come up with a seriously high offer, rumoured to be around the 38 million mark, Daniel Levy’s resolute stance could be tested, as it was before with Berbatov and Carrick. Or simply put, maybe he knew this would happen?

Redknapp must now match his words with actions as the start of the season quickly approaches. The arrival of Souleymane Coulibaly has been hailed as an excellent piece of business, with the Ivorian already a free bet favourite to break into the first team at some point this season. But let's face the facts here people. A 16-year old isn't going to get us back into the top four, and neither will the introduction of a veteran goalkeeper in Brad Freidel.

If we lose the momentum gained by qualifying for the Champions League and lose some key players including Modric, there is a real danger Spurs could go back to square one. How long before the likes of Van Der Vaart and Bale start asking for a move?.

Champions League qualification next season is bordering on essential; we all know that, yet Redknapp and Levy can't seem to get their finger out. It's not just Modric's ambitions they've got to match, they've got to keep us happy and at the moment, I am not the happiest Spurs fan.

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