Has the Modric Non-Request Shocked You?

Personally, it hasn't shocked me. I watched Luka live in the last three to four matches last season. You could tell something wasn't quite right. He looked frustrated. For the first time, it looked as though he had developed Keaneitis - the degenerative disorder some footballers unfortunately inherit, in which they can't help but throw their arms up in the air like a runway controller. He looked tired and upset.

Maybe it was because he knew the Tottenham Hotspur Board didn't possess either the cash to bring in the top players, i.e. a striker, or the want to? Maybe he thought "hold on a second! I earn 20k per week after Cameron takes away 50% so Bill and Kate can have their ding-dong wedding, whilst that muppet over on-loan at West Ham is taking home double what I'm earning!" Maybe?

So then, what are our options? Well, to be frank, there aren't any. We have to sell him. The bugger of this situation is that he wants to stay in London, meaning the ball is firmly in Chelsea's court. When talk of both Manchester clubs being seriously interested in Modric first sparked, I could picture Levy licking his lips with the thought of yet another drawn out transfer saga in which he was the winner. With Chelsea being the only club in contention, he'd better apply some lip balm as some serious chapping could develop. I thought the 22 million offer was a bit suspect. Why would moneybags Chelsea make a silly offer, unless they knew something Levy and co. didn't? I think we all know why now.

I have a feeling we could be seeing Frank Lampard in a Spurs shirt plus some cash. That's football.

Good bye Modric. Your quality will most definitely be missed.

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