"We've got him and we won't sell him to anyone!"

Well, that was Redknapp's rant on TalkSport just now in reference to the Luka Modric transfer situation.

"The chairman has said that we ain't selling him and that's good enough for me...we've got him and we won't sell him to anyone. He's worth 40 or 50 million easy and he's under contract. I want a lot of things in this life but can't have them. Luka's a wonderful lad and has had his head turned, but to be honest, that doesn't bother me as Daniel [Levy] has said a few times that we won't be selling any of our players, no matter what the bid and I believe him because you can't make a statement like that and then go against what you've said."

Oh really? Harry either doesn't know Daniel Levy too well, or the Southend sun has gotten to him.

I suppose at only 40k per week and tied into a 6-year deal, the Spurs Board could tell Luka to lump it? But let's face it, Daniel Levy runs the ship. All we need now is the official Spurs website to issue a statement, telling us that "an offer from Chelsea was received but was exceedingly below what our valuation of the player is, given the recent transfer activity in the Premier League. Luka Modric is on a long-term contract and we expect him to honour that."

He'll be sold by the end of the transfer window for around 40 million or 30 million plus Lampard. We all know it, so we may as well own up to it and strike a deal now, rather than spoiling it for the rest.

Tottenham Hotspur.....the fashionable selling footballing institution.

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