Joe Cole's Mistake

Yes, that's right, his mistake. When asked if he was happy at Liverpool, he gave the same run-of-the-mill answer, but did manage to let on that things weren't going to plan. No sh*t Sherlock!

You know it's only a matter of time before the mainstream media junkies start writing headlines like "The Prodigal Son Returns" and "I'm REDy to Quit my Liverpool Hell".

As far as I am concerned, Joe can rot up in Liverpool. Joe Cole chose to go after the money, setting aside ambition. From what I've seen of him this season, he dribbles with the ball from right to left a great deal, stops, dribbles some more and then either loses possession or makes a dreadful pass.

If anything, I would like to thank Joe Cole for choosing Liverpool over Tottenham Hotspur, for if he had decided to sign a 70K per week deal with us, a certain Van der Vaart may not have graced the White Hart Lane pitch.

Even though I wasn't pro-Cole when he was being linked with us, I still got that empty feeling after he had signed for Liverpool; you know the one - like you felt when you heard that West Ham had won the bid to takeover the Olympic Stadium - you didn't want us to get it, but at the same time, you felt disheartened.

Maybe Joe Cole could have been a real Tottenham Hotspur player. One that inspired us and got the team going. But as I said, Mr. Cole made his choice. Now he can't wait to get out of his Anfield hell. Well, I won't be welcoming him at Spurs. Even if Liverpool were to gift wrap him to us without a transfer fee and even if he accepted below-par wages, I still wouldn't want him anywhere near White Hart Lane. Firstly, he wouldn't be an improvement on what we have, secondly, he's an expert at writing sicknotes and thirdly, he would take up one of the valuable 25 man squad slots.

Someone better let Joe Cole in on the fact that we've moved on. Tottenham Hotspur is simply too big for Joe Cole.

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