Rio Ferdinand's Twitter Account Explains it Clearly

@rioferdy5 "Linesman was saying it was handball, ref never gave it. Play on...."

Why was Clattenburg overruling the very linesman who explained to him that he'd seen the handball?

I've replied to Rio and asked him what gave him the right to shout at the ref and linesman while all the Spurs players were told to walk away.

Rio sent a general reply to all via Twitter:

"By the way I went over to the referee just 2 clarify that he never blew his whistle for anything,I never swore so what's all the fuss about?"

Mr. Ferdinand proves his worth with another reply:

"All a u askin what I said 2 gallas I told him if they had scored when the ball went out 1st half would they say NO GOAL the ball was out? NO"

If the shoe was on the other foot, do you think the goal would have been given? That's not a trick question either.

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