What Went Wrong?

Mickey Mouse Competition? Course not. How does today's office verbal battering feel? Not enough room on this blog to vent my arsenal of expletives.

Anyway, enough of that. Let's get to the crux of the situation. What on earth went so wrong? Well I am sure a lot of you can give a decent point of view. I haven't seen the game on the box yet, but from the Paxton End, it looked all to obvious to a lot of us that playing three defensive midfielders was just wrong. You know, like the first time you were dared to moonie. You knew you could do it, but also understood just how wrong and foolish it could turn out for you.

And what was with us playing Dos Santos and Bentley out of position? Our biggest problem was that Arsène Wenger had told his defence to not defend deep. Why should they? Was the threat going to come from Palacios, Sandro or Livermore? Not in this lifetime.

We looked disjointed and disorientated. And don't get me started on why Hutton didn't start. He only won us the match on Saturday!

Even though I've vented my frustration, yesterday's match felt weird. I wanted us to beat Arsenal, of course I did; they're our biggest rival, but losing didn't mean the be all and end all of it. Maybe you had to be there to really understand what I mean.

Are there any positives to take from the match? Well, the lad Sandro did well. He's shown us why Daniel Levy flew out to Brazil twice and basically went all out to get him, although I remember us doing the same thing for Stephen Iversen; remember him?

Our young Brazilian prodigy has got an abundance of energy and is a tough young man. Maybe we'll see him earn his place in a few of our squads before the year is out? At this moment in time, if I had to give a starting position to either Wilson Palacios or Sandro, I know who I'd select.

Anyway, back to the "Have you ordered the DVD yet" taunts.

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