The Red Snub

So I've been reading the remarks made by Rafa van der Vaart (VDV - sounds like an illness, doesn't it?).  He chose us instead of going up north to Liverpool.

Now, don't get me wrong, I really don't mind it that we've signed the lad.  He is a top top player and I have no doubt that he could go on to become a Spurs legend.  All I wish is that instead of talking up why a player did this and that, I personally would have preferred him to have remained shtoom and let his feet do the talking.

This "I could have joined Liverpool, but chose to come to London instead" talk, really doesn't wash with me.  If you're going to win the hearts of the fans, it's your skills away at places such as Liverpool, which will merit you the status of god.

Rant over.  It's still nice to know that international class players are choosing us over Liverpool.

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