New White Hart Lane Approved!

Well, that was one of the most boring web meetings I've ever sat through and it was all for you!

After 3+ hours of faffing around, Haringey council finally gave a unanimous decision in favour of the Northumberland project going ahead.

Over to you Boris.

There were some council members worried that Tottenham Hotspur simply wanted to build a supermarket. It had to be explained to them that the club had spent just over 5 years and £10 million in reaching this far, therefore, to propose such a thing would be plain silly.

The Spurs spokesman was also asked to comment on the rumour that we had tabled a bid for the Olympic Stadium. This was met with a firm "I am unable to comment on that" remark. Mind games eh, and I only thought football managers used them.

We should be given the final approval within a two to three week period.

What team does Boris support?

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