Has Defoe become the complete striker?

This season has seen Jermain Defoe go from the high of helping Spurs to secure qualification to the Champion's League proper, to the low of fearing that a large chunk of the season was going to be spent on the sidelines through injury.

So although he has shown in his recent performances for England that he is well on the way towards becoming a complete striker, rather than just an excellent poacher with an eye for goal, he has also reconfirmed nagging doubts that this season could go either way for him on a personal and professional level.

Defoe is not an indispensable member of the Spurs side but in order for Spurs to compete in both the Champion's League and the long Premier League campaign this year, Tottenham will need to ensure that they have as strong a group of players at their disposal as possible. Indeed, Spurs can be pretty pleased with the squad they have. The Aston Villa betting suggests they will be one of Tottenham's rivals for a top four place, but Spurs are able to call on a much greater wealth of talent.

Still, with our North London rivals Arsenal already clearly demonstrating the frustration that a brilliant yet injury-prone striker can bring, Spurs will dread having to cope with the same problem.

However, if Defoe can remain fit and continue to improve his all-round game, then Harry Redknapp's dream of challenging for both domestic and European honours may not be as far-fetched as some commentators like Andy Gray have suggested.

But, with the season in its early stages, Defoe and Spurs have a long way to go if we are to build on our early season promise.

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