van der Vaart: To be confirmed or not confirmed, that is the question!

The man of the moment, Rafael van der Vaart
Am I right in thinking that the English Premier League transfer window was firmly shut at 6pm yesterday (Tuesday, 31st August 2010)?

If that is the case, how is that neither Tottenham Hotspur nor the Premier League have announced the transfer of Mr. van der Vaart?  I understand that the paperwork was filed and that Daniel Levy and his sidekick, Darren Eales were attempting to push through the deal and, according to Marca, had succeeded in doing so.

Thing is, Rafael van der Vaart (RVDV) was sitting comfortably in Madrid yesterday evening. Medical, anyone?  Could it be that the necessary paperwork did go through in time, but the Dutchman has yet to take his medical?

We never like doing anything the easy way round at Spurs, therefore, why should this deal be any different?

If something were to go wrong now, I will find a field and bury myself in it.  I think RVDV will do the same, especially after the interview he gave to the Dutch newspaper,

"I can hardly believe it myself [on the transfer to Tottenham Hotspur]. It's a pity I cannot now play against Ajax in the Champions League but now I get to visit FC Twente. That will be fun!

"The interest from Tottenham has only today [Tuesday, 31st August 2010] become concrete. But then it [the paperwork] went in quickly. In any case I did not take long to think about the deal. I just want to play football again and if possible, every week, at a great club like Tottenham Hotspur. I'm totally happy with the deal and look forward to this new challenge in my career." -

Need a shovel Rafael?

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