The Scott Parker Theory

Scott Parker removed from the West Ham club shop, THBN
We've just finished the debate on us tearing apart Young Boys. I believe everyone in the office thinks that Spurs should get through these two legs. Towards the end of the conversation, the topic changed to Harry's pursuit of Scott Parker.

Mario, a massive Hammer, told us that Scott Parker's posters which depict him modelling the new kits, have recently been pulled from the club shop and replaced with other players.

Talk around Upton Park is that Parker wants to definitely come to Spurs and doesn't want to join Villa. However, the money that both Spurs and Villa have offered is nowhere near the amount the board are willing to sell at.

Apparently, Scott Parker has told the two Dave's that he wants to leave Upton Park and join Spurs and they have agreed to let him go, but as long as Tottenham pay up.

It looks as though a deal to get him out of West Ham is on the cards. The Hammers marketing guy's are using the same tactic we used when shipping out Robbie Keane last season. Just like Robbie, Parker was pictured everywhere, but since Wednesday, his major posters have been replaced.

Read into it what you will. All I know is that this transfer window better get moving.

A lot of Spurs fans dislike Parker and think that he isn't the sort of player that can push us on to the next level. Thing is, exactly what level do you want us to get to? Harry is building a squad and sees Scott Parker as an ideal part of that squad. Let's not jump too far ahead of ourselves. We may make the Champion's League proper and Scott Parker would be a decent enough acquisition, as would Craig Bellamy.

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