"Spurs Could Win The League"

Nick Anelka has topped us as being dark horses for the Premier League title. To be honest, I still think we're one or two players short of winning the league.

Can we stay in the top four and cement our place there? In Harry's words "for sure". No matter what you think of our current squad, it is still a very strong one and will continually grow in stature.

Having Jamie O'Hara back and Gio Dos Santos, is like us having signed two new players, although both could be used as bait as Harry tries to wheel and deal. Shame really, as I would like both players to stick around and bolster our squad.

Harry was being interviewed on talkSPORT yesterday evening by Spurs season-ticket holder, Danny Kelly. Redknapp sort of hinted at us maybe doing some business with Villa, but only if they sell Milner, which Harry thinks they will. The business with us and Villa could be the sale of Keano to them, as well as other players. Jenas, anyone?

Transfer markets all over the world are dead at the minute as clubs simply don't have the cash to strengthen their sides. We look to be in the same boat unfortunately. If Anelka's words about us challenging are to be proved right, it looks as though we'll have to ship out a couple before being able sign anyone.

Seems ironic that we spend the worlds fortunes on trying to get into the Champion's League, but now that we're so close to it, the money pit has dried up.

Harry did say that it looks like all our business will be concluded towards the very end of the window. Just our luck.

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