Sponsor to be announced this week

Spurs forum threads everywhere are going mad with the announcement that Tottenham Hotspur Chairman, Daniel Levy, has brokered a deal with a "secret massive company" that has, in principle, agreed to pay the club more than the £8.5 million per season Mansion were shelling out.

Some of the ITK's (yeah, I know a lot of you hate that term) have said that the deal is only for Premier League games. All cup games such as the Champion's League, F.A. Cup and Carling Cup, will be sponsored by another company, but a deal hasn't been arranged for that part of the sponsorship as yet.

Apparently, the "massive organisation" that has agreed to sponsor us, isn't one of the already mentioned names, such as Bloomberg, Zurich, etc.

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see who this mystery sponsor is.


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