Harry Redknapp is Angry

I was at The Lane last night and watched us play some good football at times, but saw us ripped apart by a team that knows how to keep the ball and counter-attack. There, I said it. Now, let's move onto Harry being angry.

Today I read that Harry Redknapp is just a tad bit angry with Tweedledum and Tweedledee over at West Ham. He was obviously upset at the way we lost to the Yellow Submarines last night and so let fly on the situation relating to Spurs fan, Scott Parker.

In Harry's words: "Who made it public that we've made an offer?"

I don't think Harry could have put it any better. The first I heard of us being strongly interested in Parker was when the David Gold was interviewed on talkSPORT. Something about us trying to unsettle their player and that £7 million wasn't enough.

Now, let me give you my take on this. West Ham are in real financial trouble. They need to sell players, but unfortunately, they don't have too many that can be sold for a decent amount.

I can picture the two David's discussing how they can sell on their best player, but keep the fans happy.

David: "Spurs were interested in Parker, weren't they?"

David: "I think so."

David: "Great. Have you got Danny's number or does Kazza have it?"

David: "No, no, here it is. Now, listen up Dave, I've got an idea. What we can do, is offer Scott Parker to Spurs. We won't give them a price; we'll just wait till they offer us something. Danny's so tight with his money, so I'm sure he'll offer us nowhere near what Parker's is worth."

David: "What is Parker worth?"

David: "No more than £6 or 7 mill mate. Anyway, once we get the offer, I'll call up my mates in the media and tell them just how unhappy we are with Tottenham. We'll tell all my mates down at talkSPORT that Parker is not for sale at any price and that it's obvious that Harry and Danny are trying to unrest him."

David: "What you want to do that for?"

David: "Look mate, we need to sell him, but after you opened your mouth and told everyone that he ain't going anywhere, you sort of put us in a tricky position. So we'll act as though there's no way Parker will be going anywhere. But we both know he wants to join them, after all, he is a Spurs fan, isn't he?"

David: "So they tell me."

David: "Well, Scotty will want to have a word with us about the Tottenham bid. When he does, we'll tell him he can go, but he mustn't say a thing. In the meantime, we'll look like this entire situation has been taken out of our hands and that we're not to blame at all."

David: "Quality mate. Nearly as good as Debbie Does Essex XVII".

A bit far fetched? I don't think so. Speak to any Birmingham fan and they'll tell you exactly how these two act. We saw/read their superb inspirational displays toward Zola. I can see them acting as though Tottenham and Parker are useless. Anything to get the high ground.

Expect us to now sign Parker, although I can see this one being somewhat protracted.

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