Liverpool want our 'Arry

Other than fatboy Fowler mouthing off about Liverpool wanting our manager, the Liverpool contingent in the office have said that "it's a done deal".

Some of them would like to think that they are Special Liverpool ITK's and have said that the Liverpool board have discussed his appointment, whilst others have even put money on it happening. Some people are so gullible. If I had known they were giving away their money so freely, I would have taken on their bet!

So let see if I've got this right; Harry Redknapp, who has just taken Spurs to the gates of the Champion's League, would be interested in managing a club that potentially could face administration this coming season?

Now I'm not doubting that Liverpool are a great club. I'm also not doubting that they are a world brand. What I am doubting, is if they can recover from the way the club has been and is continually being run by those two buffoons?

Redknapp is about to embark on possibly the greatest season of his career. He's at a club that is going somewhere, a club that is building the greatest sporting and training complex in the world. A club that, within 11 months, will commence development on a brand spanking new stadium.

"So Harry Redknapp would give up all of that to become the Liverpool manager, knowing full well that Torres and Gerrard may leave and that if a new owner is to come in, he/she/they may want to bring in their own man?"

"Yes, of course. Never forget, we are Liverpool".

What is it that makes some highly intelligent grown men, talk absolute trash?

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