Boring, Vuvuzelas and Stocktaking

Is it me, or is this World Cup not living up to expectations? I understand that all the games we've seen thus far are the opening games of the group stages, but still, this tournament is boring me senseless. I suppose the atmosphere in the stadia has got something to do with the general experience.

Those blasted Vuvuzelas have really started to get to me. I don't know about you, but the noise pollution they're emitting is undermining the crowd and the viewers at home.

I did have an interesting conversation with one of my South African colleagues. This was his take on it..

"Besides the South Africa vs. Mexico game, it was the fans of the representing countries that were blowing on their Vuvuzelas, not the locals."

Not the case at all, but go on..

"Each World Cup comes and goes and each with its own culture. No one complains about European culture or the cultures of Asia or the Americas. The first time it comes to Africa, you and everyone else is complaining to hell and back. If we can accept your drums and singing and flutes and everything else, then why can't you accept us as we are?"

I personally thought that football was about the fans. If you think that clouding out the fans with a constant buzz is footballing culture, then I don't really know what to say to that?

"Had you bought enough tickets to watch your games, then you would have been in the majority at the stadiums and you wouldn't have been 'subjected' to the Vuvuzelas. But you chose to stay in your countries, allowing us Africans (Black and White) and open-minded foreigners to fill the stadiums and enjoy the game our way!"

Isn't that sort of contradicting your first point when you said that it was the "fans of the representing countries" using the Vuvuzelas?

I couldn't really carry on this conversation with him as I was getting nowhere fast. If the Vuvuzelas were not so prevalent during the match, it wouldn't bother the majority of us. However, these things just don't stop.


You know it's a slow day at Spurs when....

......The official site releases an article in relation to them carrying out a stocktaking session.

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