How would you play against City?

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Harry has pledged that we'll attack up at Eastlands on Wednesday night. If he means us producing an attacking display that resembles the one we produced against Manchester United last weekend, he can forget it.

A display against City that emulates the performance against Chelsea at home, will do nicely.

Under Mancini, City have proved that they're a bit of a hard nut to crack. Their conservative, hit on the break play, could hurt us, as could Redknapp opting to play Bale as a left back.

It was good to see that we hadn't given away any penalties against Bolton yesterday. Hopefully, this trend can continue.

I also wanted to know what the reason for playing Ledley against Bolton was all about? Surely he should have been rested for what is turning out to be the biggest game of this, or any other season in the Premier League?

Either way, it's hotting up!

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