A Nigerian billionaire is plotting to buy a stake in Arsenal

....but only if the current Arsenal board send him £100,000 so that he can get his money out of Nigeria safely.

I can picture Arsenal's Chairman, Hill-Wood, waiting to hear if the Nigerian businessman, has received his reply that the £100,000 will be wired by Western Union on Monday morning.

I wonder how this all went down? Probably something like this;

"Dear Mr. Hill-Wood, my name is Aliko Dangote, and I am one of the richest men in Africa. Unfortunately, my funds (worth in excess of £4.7 billion) have been ceased by the government.

"I am now attempting to leave the country and I see that your club has not given Mr. Wenger any money for a long time. I can help in this matter. If you can help me, I will give you £500 million.

"I have bribed a government official into allowing me to leave, but I need to give him £100,000. Please wire me this small amount and as soon as I am free to leave Nigeria, I will hand over the £500 million for assisting me. I await your email."


Surely someone at The Sun (the red top that published this article) saw the funny side? You always have to suspect something is up, especially when the paper credits a story to simply "Published: Today".

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