Brokeback United

Gary-Neville-Paul-Scholes-Kiss, Tottenham Hotspur Blog NewsBeaten Arsenal and Chelsea. Next up, Brokeback United.

Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I think this is a game that we can win. Manchester United are nowhere near their best and I believe, as do some of the Spurs lads, that we can go up to Old Trafford and get a win. As long as the ref isn't their twelth man of course!

The belief that we can win is there. All we need to do now is turn up and display that belief on the pitch.

Le Scum in the Office

Some of the Arsenal fans in the office aren't too bothered if they lose to City, as a Manchester City win against Arsenal could take them into fourth.

As I said, that's just some of Arsenal faithful. Most want to smash City. Their reason; "if City make the Champion's League, you can forget about us winning the league any time soon."

"With all their money, they could walk the league, as they will be able to attract the type of player that could take them well beyond us."

"With them [Manchester City] in the Champion's League, they will be actually able to sign players like Kaká."

I agree with the above comments. Money, and a lot of it, does buy you success. Look at Arsenal. Wenger doesn't want to seem to spend any money (or he doesn't have much to spend). What have they won in the past 5 seasons? Well, Arsenal have won as much silverware as Bolton.

With the added rumours that José Mourinho has already been approached and has accepted to take over City in July, the future looks bleak.

Manchester City cannot make the fourth!

PS. Well done to Newcastle on their promotion and also winning the Championship. Now there is a club that needs cash.

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