Will Stoke Bash Us Up?

Stoke City's Finest
Some onlookers may think we're playing Stoke on Trent RUFC, especially if Pulis sends his men out to bash us up a bit.  After all, they've got the personnel to do us in. I don't want to say that class is defined by the amount of wins your team can muster up at stadia like the Britannia, but I wouldn't be far off the mark if I did.

Having the highest decibel range in the Premier League must count for something. If there ever was a fortress, then the Britannia is it.

With Harry, or The Daily Mail, talking about us changing our style for next season, I wish we could have been in a position to try something different against Stoke, but alas, no such luck. We're not in a position to start testing out new formations or systems.  Time isn't the key factor in deciding if we change our style; having the right players in the squad is also key.

City did us a real favour last week. Let's not return it.  No matter what, I'm expecting to fully bite my nails clean off.

If we can hit them on the break, Bale could be vitally important tomorrow. I also suppose we'll get to see the real Pav. Let's see what a few knocks to the nether regions will do to him. I know a lot of fellow Spurs fans that say he'll bottle it. I'm not too sure. I think there's more than meets the eye with this Russian.

THBN Prediction: Stoke 0-1 Spurs

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