Manuel Almunia: God Amongst Men

Manuel Almunia, Tottenham Hotspur Blog News
Don't you just love the stubbornness of some men, especially those you view as your enemy? Mr. Wenger has been lambasted in the past for not signing a quality goal-keeper, but we all know how Arsène reacts to criticism.

Let me introduce Manuel Almunia. This man capped off a delightful Saturday for me and possibly the majority of Chelsea, Manchester United and Spurs fans. I was sat in the Shelf when the jumbo-tron displayed Arsenal's result. The cheer that echoed around me was nearly, if not more so, louder than when we scored our second goal against Portsmouth.

I then saw the goal on Match of Day.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Manny, you are a God amongst men!

Oh and before I go, I want to remind Mr. Wenger that Football is a contact sport, which, by definition, means that players are allowed to tackle each other, as long as the tackling is within the rules of course.

So Arsène, before running off your mouth in a post-match press conference, take a good look at the evidence. Craig Gardner won the ball cleanly. Fair enough, he may have knocked Fabregas to the ground, but as I said, Football is a contact sport.

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