What's up with Harry?

Is it just me, or did Harry not look too impressed yesterday? When we've scored goals in the past, Harry's looked a bit more animated, yet, when Pav scored his brace yesterday, he looked like a lost Hush Puppy.

I've got a feeling that he didn't like the players surrounding Pav in the way they did either. After each goal, all the players celebrated with Roman in a way, that to me, looked as though all the comments he's be mumbling to the media recently, were justified. It was a bit of a slap in the face for Redknapp.

I personally didn't expect that kind of reception from the players, not when their boss is supposed to their mate. When goal number two went in, an even greater triumph on the players faces was evident.

Well done to the Spurs faithful that sang their hearts out, prior to, during and even after the game. We've found a soft-spot for our Russian.

Sky Sports picked up on the obvious too, following each and every player going up to congratulate Pav.

Sky continued their media coverage by interviewing Harry after the match. Even though Redknapp did answer some of the questions fired at him, he still managed to put his heel in, by adding that Pav doesn't really put in a proper shift, oh, but when he does, he's quality. And I thought you didn't hold any grudges Harry.....

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