The Groin of Lennon

Even though Lennon's felt discomfort in his groin after returning to light training, let's not get carried away.

The little fella has gone for a scan after he felt it again. Having suffered a few groin issues myself, I am fairly confident that Azza could be back sooner, rather than later. I'm no doctor, but I know a media pot-shot when I see one.

It's not always easy coming back from a muscle injury, especially one as sensitive as a groin tear, or pull. The fact that Lennon felt "discomfort", didn't surprise me at all. Hopefully this setback is a minor one, God knows we miss the little guys pace.

I'd also like to congratulate Pav for his two goals, although I did think the pointing to the badge antics weren't too necessary, but there you go.

Here's to hoping Harry picks him in either the replay against Bolton, or Sunday's very important match, at home against Everton.


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