Let your skills do the talking

"Sometimes I have a feeling that Redknapp jeers at me", "I told him that it cannot be this way any more, since I wouldn't help my team with sad thoughts in my mind", "I need to play football", "I think only about my move from Tottenham".

Listen up sunshine, here's a bit of free advice; stop the chatter and let your skills do the talking.

Does Roman have a point? Of course he does. Do I think Harry should give the lad a run in the side? Of course I do. Anyone who reads this blog knows what I think of our Russian's skills.

Do I think Pav needs to keep his thoughts to himself and stop spurting every two secs to the media? Too right!

I want to give Harry the benefit of the doubt on this one. Do I believe that Harry vetoed the deal to take Pavlyuchenko to Lokomotiv Moscow, just because he wanted to intimidate the lad? No, not entirely.

At the end of the day, maybe the Lokomotiv Moscow deal wasn't good enough, who knows? What we can be sure of, is that if Roman applied the same amount effort in training, as he does towards his media open days, Harry wouldn't have a choice but to pick him.

I'll try not to contradict myself, so here goes; Harry says that he doesn't hold grudges. If you believe that, I'll see you in Santa's quarters next Christmas. Harry's human, so of course it bothers him when one of his players goes ranting off to the media. But I can't see that being the main reason why Harry would not allow Roman to move away.

The fact is, we only have three and a half strikers in our squad. Eidur will take a bit of time to adjust, and let's face it, he's never been an out-and-out striker.

Pav is needed, end of. Whether Harry gives him a run in the side, is another question.

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