Win, Lose, or Draw?

Sunday's match up at Anfield will be tough for us, especially with the news that Aaron Lennon will most likely miss the match. Harry will make a decision on whether to include him in the squad or not tomorrow.

Can we call on Bentley? Probably not. When I look back on his stint with us, it really annoys me that he simply couldn't be asked.

With Aazza missing, it looks as though Harry's got two options;

  1. Stick the Croatian lads on both wings
  2. Play Keane on the left and one of the Croatian lads on the right
Let's hope Harry goes with option 1. Keane, for whatever reason, isn't with it. He's lost his mojo and it looks like he won't be getting it back any time soon.

I was reading Alan Hansen's column on the game and had to back-track when I read Liverpool aren't "playing at nowhere near their best." You what? Is he for real? I don't want to turn this article into a Liverpool Lovin' but I am pretty sure the players that Rafa has, are playing to the best of their ability. You can argue that Gerrard is off form, but that doesn't account for the rest of them, does it? Torres is injured, or has some sort of issue, that's plain to see. Saying that, would you swap any of their players for ours (excluding G & T)? The only one I would consider, would be José Reina.

So, do I think we can beat them? Yes. They have the home advantage, but we have the better players and obvious buzz about us at the moment. I also think the game will be an open affair and our recent flutter with clean-sheets will be a thing of the past.

Carlos' Prediction: Liverpool 1-2 Tottenham Hotspur

Kick-Off: 4pm GMT

The game can be viewed on the following satellite channels:

Alfa TV Cyprus
C+ Sport 1 (D/F/N/S)
C+ Sport 1 (Pol)
EuroSport 2 FAPL (Hun)
EuroSport 2 FAPL (Rom)
Fox Sports Espanyol **
Hi Soccer
Lider TV
Nova Sport (Cze)
Nova Sports 2 (Hellas)
Pink M
RTS 2 (Ser)
Show Sports 1 & 2
Showtime Maghreb (ART)
Sky Sport 1 (Germany)
Sky Sport 3 (Italy)
Sky Sports 1 (uk)
Spormax Digiturk
Sport 1 (Ukr)
Sport 1.1 (Ned)
STV 3 Slovakia
SuperSport 3 (ZA)
Tele Deporte
YES Sport 2
C+ Sport HD (D/F/N/S)
C+ Sport HD (Pol)
Sky Sport HD (Germany)
Sky Sport HD3 (Italy)
Sky Sports HD1 (uk)
Sport HD (Ukr)

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