One Hit Wonder

I hate having to write articles like this, but I do think it's time that someone seriously brought up the fact that we're becoming a one-man team.

Is that man Aaron Lennon?

Well, Harry did give a mention to us missing the little guy, during the Liverpool post-match conference. Thing is, Harry didn't mention the real reason as to why we lost to a team that to all intense and purposes, was clearly so inept of their key players.

To be fair, the best team won, but I'd hate to think what the Reds would have done had Azza been on the pitch? Or maybe the story wouldn't have been that much different, even if the lad had started?

The good news is that Lennon's back on the mend and God do we need him.

We lacked pace. That was clearly obvious. It also seemed to trouble me why a midfield with Modrić, Kranjčar and Jenas in it, found it particularly hard to create much of anything, let alone link up with Defoe and Crouch.

Ah, but there it is, the magic, highly superfluous paradox that is Peter Crouch. Now, don't get me wrong, I think he's a great asset to have, if used appropriately.

I bet you thought this article was going to be about us being a one man team, with that one man being Aaron Lennon? Well, you're wrong if you thought that. You see, when Crouch plays, we become a one man team. I should reiterate that when Crouch plays and Lennon doesn't, we become a one man outfit.


Because our players seem confident enough to simply lump the ball up to Crouchie (you could spell it Crouchy, but I prefer it this way). Forget the midfield, who needs it, we've got Crouchie. Pace, meh, who needs pace? No player can run faster that a ball in mid-flight....

As soon as we can learn to play the ball back on the grass, we will suffer from Crouchillitis.

Anyone with me on this?

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