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I had a chat with one of our Russian clients this morning. I've mentioned him on here before and thought it prudent to relate to you what Mr. X said to me today in relation to Roman Pavlyuchenko.

The last time we had an in depth chat about our sulky Russian, Mr. X stated that Pavlyuchenko was a class act and that he should have been at a better club, such as Arsenal, where they play the type of football that suits him (you can read the article here).

I've tried to document the conversation just as it happened. It would be better if you read his comments with the accent of Aleksandr the Meerkat.

Mr. X: "Some clubs in Russia are interested in taking him, but Tottenham Hotspur want at minimum of €12 million (£11 million)."

Carlos: "Fair enough. We paid nearer to €16 million (approximately £13.8 million) only a year and a half ago." He looked puzzled at this point, then smiled; then laughed out loud.

Mr. X: "Spartak did not want to sell him and so told you stupid figure. This, they thought, would put you off. Roman was worth around €7 million, €8 million at the most (£6.2 or £7 million). But your club continued in coming back and in the end, paid the silly amount of €16 million.

"Spartak and Rubin tried with offers of around €6 million in the summer. Oh, that was low, but they were testing the waters. We're Russian, remember?

"He is not worth more than €8 million and Gusev (owner of Rubin Kazan) told the newspapers this.

"Roman will stay a Tottenham Hotspur player until the price you want for him is changed, or he can leave with the new contract directive on players that are of his age. Either way, he is very depressed. His family are now back in Russia and he is alone in London. He still cannot speak English because it was clear to him that he made a mistake in coming to England."

So, there you have it. It looks like the sulk of Roman will continue to stain the Lilywhite.

Thanks a lot Comolli.

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