No to striker

All this talk of us signing Bellamy has really got me banging my head against the wall. Do I think he's a quality striker? Yes. Can he fit into our team? Absolutely not!

First off, if Harry does end up signing him, can someone tell me where he's supposed to play? With Modric on the way back and Crouch & Defoe reforming their partnership, why risk it all on a player that has a dodgy knee and a temperamental personality?

I do think he's quality. You've got to be an idiot to say otherwise. He's proved for City this season that maybe we should have signed him when we had the chance, prior to us bringing back Keano, who seems to have left his form behind before joining Liverpool.

Some of my colleagues reckon that he would fit right in, even displacing Crouch. As I said above, I can't see him fitting in. What we don't need at the moment, is such a hot-headed personality in the dressing room.

Thing is, the papers won't let this one alone. It does look like he wants shot of Eastlands and maybe his agent has been doing the rounds? But then again, our Harry's also media savvy. We'll just have to sit tight and see how this one pans out.

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