We don't want you either!

I read the Sun's article on Huntelaar rejecting a move to Spurs and thought; 'hold on a second, who said we wanted you?'

Fair enough, Harry was interested in the summer, but that all changed when Crouch was signed. Milan took the punt on him, spending €15 million (£13 million or so). Oh how they wish they hadn't.

The lad has played a total of 8 games (correct me if I'm wrong) for them and scored an astonishing 0 goals (don't correct me because I'm right mwahahaha). He's also looked well off the pace, which, playing in Serie A, is an extremely difficult thing to do, seeing as it's the slowest league this side of the Milky Way.

In the article, Thanks, but no thanks, I likened him to the rich variety of strikers that have taken the plunge out of the Eredivisie, but unfortunately, have never made it.

Harry thought that £13 million for him was too much and so, spent that on Crouchie (or Crouchy). That in itself shows you what Harry makes of the Dutchman.

Just before I go, I want to dedicate this article to all the people out there that will probably write a comment (or two) about how wrong I am and that they'd have taken Huntelaar over Crouch any day as 'Huntelaar is world-class'.

PS. For those that do leave this type of comment, I've added a picture of him so that you at least know what he looks like, as I'm fairly confident that the majority of the 'Huntelaar Lovers Fanclub' have no idea what the chap looks like, let alone seen him play.

Ta Ta

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