Midfielder Lite Spurs

Right then, the good news is that Harry has spoken openly about us being light in the midfield department.

"I am happy with the squad. The only area we are short of a body is central midfield", said Harry, in preparation for the January sales.

Thank the lord! The only hurdle that I can see us falling on is that teams rarely give away their best players in winter transfer window. The standard names of Sandro, Muntari and the like have been banded about again. Does the media think that if they print these players names out enough times, they will actually materialise into Spurs players?

The one player that will definitely be available in January, is Middlesbrough's left winger, Adam Johnson. The 22 year old will be in the last 6 months of his contract come the transfer window and even though Boro are adamant that they want to keep the England Under-21 International winger, he's not been saying if he'll sign a new deal or not.

Sunderland have been linked with him, but I think Harry may take a look at the lad. Reports are talking about a deal worth around £3 million only (due to his contract running down).

I know that a lot of you are wondering where we would accommodate him, seeing that the Modfather and KranjĨar, as well as Bale can fill the left-wing position, but then again, Harry's on the lookout for another central midfielder, even though we've got a plethora of them also.

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