Manchester City to get into the top 4? Don't make me laugh

I've just had the pleasure of watching Manchester City draw for a 7th consecutive time at home to Hull.

Is this the Manchester City that is supposed to throw Liverpool or Arsenal out of the top four? You're joking, right? If they continue playing as they have done, there's not a glimmer of hope that this side will finish anywhere near the top four, let alone in it.

Hat's off to Hull though. Phil Brown has got them playing, but it's no coincidence that the Tigers have started to climb the table upon the return of Jimmy Bullard. He was fantastic today and ran the show. Has anyone seen Phil Brown's ear-piece? It's gone missing, along with his sides bad form.

Watch his penalty celebration on Match of the Day tonight. Classic!

Well done to Wigan to. They beat Sunderland 1-0, getting a clean-sheet and showing the footballing world that Martinez isn't such a bad coach after all.

Results have spun Tottenham's way. Let's hope we can win up at Villa Park. Carlos will be at the game, tweeting away. So if you haven't done so yet, get yourself a Twitter account and follow us.


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