Managers Delight

It looks like we're back to talking about Rafa Benitez losing his job. Liverpool are out of the Champion's League and the world is about to go into meltdown. However, the Kopites don't see it like that and neither do I.

After hearing that Portsmouth had sacked (or removed) Paul Hart from the managers chair, I couldn't help but feel that the majority of Chairman seem to be as fickle as the rest of us. Fair enough, we all know that football has evolved into a business, wherein shareholders need to be kept happy, but where has the loyalty gone?

True Liverpool fans may not be happy with their current lot, but at least they're realists. Portsmouth, on the other hand, have decided to replace Hart. Let's remember that it was Hart that saved them from relegation last season.

After saving the club, Hart was given a new contract and basket of fruit in which to purchase players. The man worked with what he had. He brought in a few players that could not and would not cut the mustard, but then again, Hart worked with what was given to him.

Now here comes the part when all of us pretend to be little fickle bunnies.

Why did Hart not have the funds to bring in the players he wanted? I think we shouldn't be looking over at the manager in answer to this question. Maybe we should be casting our head over at the mishaps of the board.

Whether it was a self proclaimed doctor that was penniless, a Prince from Saudi Arabia that no one had heard of (including the Saudi Royal Family), or the alleged tax evading Storrie, the buck always seems to stop right at the managers door.

I also blame a lot of the Portsmouth faithful for the sacking of Hart. If they had the voice of the Kop, I believe Hart would still be in a job. Instead of calling for the heads of the board members that have truly taken the club down this dark path, many, called for Hart to be replaced.


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