Foster vs. Gomes

The everlasting debate of us signing a keeper to replace Gomes, raged through the office once again.

I do thank my lucky stars that most of my prestigious colleagues claimed that Gomes is a better keeper than Ben Foster.

I didn't want to name and shame the under writer of yet another pointless office rant, but Pat, who also happens to be my boss, started the "Gomes Out" campaign at the beginning of last season.

It sometimes got to the point, especially after that away day at Fulham, that we dare not mention the Brazilian's name.

Either way, Pat, once again, commenced his field of dreaming aspirations as regards Foster.

I didn't want to get dragged into this debate (for the millionth time) as you get nowhere. No matter what Gomes does, Foster can do no wrong.

I really do hate it when a fellow blogger asks the question "Foster vs. Gomes?" (Note to self: slap yourself silly). You see, when Pat reads the said heading on NewsNow (oh yes, it's not just us lowly minions that click the refresh button countless times during an off-day), you can bet your hairy touche that he'll pop his head up from behind his cubicle and rant on about the mistakes that have cost us due to not having a class keeper, namely, Foster.

I won't discuss the pointless discussion that Pat sparked off, but I will add that it was a Man U fan that finished it. "I wish we had Gomes, Pat. Fancy a swap?" That swift comment put an end to today's office rant.

Henry, I thank you, but no, we don't want to swap Gomes for what I can only call the most overrated keeper in the Prem.

Oh and God bless Tomas Raszkin.............

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