What Academy?

I read Mihir Bose's article on Harry's comments relating to the players Arsenal are bringing on.

Harry made a few interesting comments that I never knew were not in fruition at Spurs. For example, he said that Arsenal "have got full-time scouts all around the world and they have invested heavily". So does that mean we don't?

I'm not too sure of what to make of this? I would have thought that a club of our stature was surely employing a network of scouts from around the world? If we are to take Harry's word for it, then we do not.

Now, I find this interesting on two fronts. Firstly, because this means players are being offered to us either via sporting agents, or via word-of-mouth. Secondly, this must leave Harry with little time. He should have enough on his plate and with the added incentive of being a psychologist to Pavlova, his time must be extremely limited.

We all know how Harry works. He can be a bit of a craft so and so now and again, and it's fairly obvious that he plans to talk to Daniel Levy about us employing a network of scouts. Or, he's already spoken to Daniel, and our Chairman has said that he'll think about it; so out comes Harry with his media rendition, so as to hurry up the decision making process.

If Harry and Danny have had a chat about matters such as these, then surely we shouldn't be thinking about making these kinds of moves, but rather, doing them.

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