The Imaginarium of Doctor Palacios

Since Harry brought Sgt. Wilson to the club, nearly all of us have been singing his praises. I say 'nearly' as there are some that don't quite get why the rest of us think the world of Palacios.

Unfortunately, in recent weeks, I think we've seen the worst of our tough-tackling Honduran. There's no doubt that he's suffering from a lack of form. I don't think I'm the only one that's noticed a fair few of his passes going astray.

I don't want to write the lad off, after all, he's had a whirlwind year with all that's gone on both within football and in his private life.

I also think that the lack of another strong midfielder is cause for concern. Sgt. Wilson get's booked every other game. He should be up for a ban shortly if this trend continues and it's at times like this when one wishes that Harry had stepped into the Imaginarium and brought out another tough-tackling central midfielder. Palacios, no matter how good he is, can't do it all on his own.

If Harry is to go with The Modfather and Lennon on the flanks, then either Jenas or Huddlestone really do have to step up to the plate. But let's face it, Jenas runs as hot and cold as an Edmonton council flat's plumbing and Huddlestone, although a fantastic passer of the ball, will never have the commotion Palacios brings to the table.

We've all heard the Muntari tales, but much like the Brothers Grimm stories, I can't see that materialising into anything.

If there's money in the kitty, let's hope Harry can bring in a central midfielder that will provide the cherry on top of the Palacios Troupe.

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