We lost, get over it

Okay, so we lost at home to the Premier League champions. From where I was sitting in the Shelf, it looked as though we held our own. Unfortunately for us, sloppy defending cost us in the long run as did losing Sgt. Wilson.

I suppose the only thing I could take from the game was the need for another hard midfielder sitting in alongside Palacios. Huddlestone did an okay job, but in games like this, we need an experienced head, someone who can take the game by the scruff of the neck, a Joe Jordan type character if you will.

Defoe took his goal brilliantly. For those that watched the game, I think you can understand why Harry sign Crouchie.

We're not near the quality of Manchester United yet, neither are we an equal match for Chelsea at the Bridge. If we are to see a distinct improvement this year, we'll need to come good against the sides around us, namely Manchester City, Everton and Villa. Performances against these side will prove our worth.

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